Newsletter no. 10

After a lot of planning, planting and tending we are harvesting many different flowers from statice and acroclinium to mignonette and snapdragons. They are grown in rows of their own and interspersed with other vegetable crops. There are all sorts of colors, shapes and heights for mixing and matching. And there are more to come!

Flowers are not only beautiful they are functional and help to create a more healthful and diverse ecosystem on the farm. Sweet alyssum, calendula and marigolds attract beneficial insects that battle pests by giving them sweet nectar.

We are also excited to bring you locally and sustainably grown flowers in a world that is flooded with flowers from abroad, mostly Ecuador and Columbia, which rely on child and slave labor, pesticides and monoculture, and free trade agreements that are destroying local food sovereignty and communities. Those of us who are concerned about food miles and our carbon footprints often don’t even think about it in terms of flowers. About 75% of flowers found in the U.S. are imported from Latin America. By supporting our flower operation you can guarantee that you are not supporting this often overlooked and corrupt industry.

To learn more about the flower industry I highly recommend Amy Stewart’s FlowerConfidential. She follows the flower from the eccentric breeder in Humboldt County responsible for the star gazer lily as we know it (it didn’t have a straight stem before he bred it) to a laboratory obsessed with producing the first blue rose to Holland’s flower markets where a huge auction decides what’s the hottest new flower to Ecuador where the world’s both organic and nonorganic flowers are grown. She ends the book around Valentine’s Day (the second largest day for flowers after Mother’s Day) discussing Costco’s recent vow to support ethically grown flowers and a small floral shop in Bonny Doon that strictly sells locally and sustainably grown flowers showing us a possible and brighter future.

We are excited to announce the farm’s bouquets and encourage you to keep posted for what’s new with the flowers. Come buy a bouquet grown and arranged by us! Also find our flowers at New Seasons, Division Wines, Dot’s and K&M Wines.