Newsletter no. 15

This week at Vibrant Valley Farm we were invited to Yamhill Enrichment Society’s Bounty of the County and partnered with one of our favorite restaurants Thistle. The Yamhill Enrichment Society is involved in programs that enliven our county’s food and education systems.

Thistle used an edible flower bouquet, cucumbers, leeks, tomatoes, shiso, basil, kohlrabi and other items from the farm. The event took place at Sokol Blosser winery. We got fancy and had a wonderful time.

Other farm happenings this week: 

  • Amaranth seed (saved from an elder farmer we know) started to happen.
  • A full moon during today’s harvest morn.
  • A frog held my hand.

  • And we met with our land owner and saw this picture of the previous landowner, Martha Crowe. She and her husband ran a dairy that delivered to Portland for years. She also grew flowers, ran stop signs and was a badass. Her house still stands on the farm.