Newsletter No. 18

In this week's box you will find chervil (pronounced SHER-vil), a member of the apiaceae or carrot family. It is also known as cicily, sweet cicily and gourmet's parsley.

Chervil is native to Eastern Europe and Western Asia or Caucasus, and was spread through Europe by the Romans. The herb is a member of the traditional fines herbes (along with tarragon, parsley and chives) which is essential to French cuisine. Fines herbes are added to dishes like omelettes or soups at the end of cooking. 

Chervil has been known to be good for digestion and lowering blood pressure. Added to vinegar and consuming or eating the entire plant has been known to cure hiccups. 

At Vibrant Valley Farm chervil was at first difficult to germinate. We read it needs more light than other seeds when germinating so we covered lightly with vermiculite instead of soil to let more light in. 

Enjoy trying out chervil and click below to read more on keeping herbs fresh! 


  • craspedia
  • ageratum
  • globe amaranth
  • didiscus
  • mignonette
  • marigold
  • zinnia
  • celosia
  • cockscomb
  • snap dragons
  • strawflower
  • statice
  • scabiosa stellata
  • pincushion
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  • flowering ammis
  • yarrow
  • flowering kale
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  • scented geranium
  • salvia
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  • chocolate cosmos
  • veronica spicata
  • echinacea


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  • rainbow chard
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