What is Community Supported Agriculture?

A CSA is a way for community members to buy local produce directly from a farm. Every CSA is different although most accommodate their members with weekly “shares” of seasonal produce directly from a farm. Customers buy or invest in a membership or subscription and receive a weekly share of vegetable or fruits, although other farm products may be included.  With flexibility and seasonal variations, it is a way to link people to their food and their local community.


Why is a CSA program beneficial for small farms and farmers?

  • Your membership fee decreases the amount of money we need to pay for amendments, seeds, labor and project materials to prepare us for the upcoming season’s bounty.
  • Your support encourages us to continue sustainable land stewardship. Our sustainable and organic practices include crop rotation and cover crops to assure healthy produce, soil tilth and productivity.
  • Your trust cultivates a valuable relationship between us, the consumer and the producer. Just as you know your doctor, hair stylist and yoga teacher, you should know your farmer!

What should you expect?

  • The freshest local produce brought to you straight from our field on Sauvie Island. From tomatoes to pumpkins, you'll receive the best our farm has to offer, each and every week of the season.
  • A newsletter with recipes, photos and happenings from the farm.
  • The possibility of adding on to your CSA each week, including our own flowers, as well as preserves like chutneys and jams.
  • To save time because your produce is already harvested and ready to pick-up.
  • To save money compared to buying it retail at the store or Farmer’s Market.
  • To cultivate a connection with the natural world, as you too are along for the expected and unexpected weather that is a reality to farming and growing fresh food in the Willamette Valley!
  • To contribute to a vibrant local economy while helping to sustain our small farm operation.

Why support us at
Vibrant Valley Farm?

We are dedicated farmers and passionate educators committed to exploring innovative solutions to enliven the current food system, both locally and globally. We work to honor ancient traditions in growing food and connecting to the land as well as to helping create healthier communities. We are partnering with local schools and projects to create mentorship programs as well as green job training opportunities.

Vibrant Valley Farm invites you to participate in a revolutionary way of buying food and supporting small and local agriculture. By participating in our Community Supported Agriculture option you empower us, the farmers. We are able to purchase essentials like seeds, tools and amendments in the beginning of the season. And then you eat local, seasonal and fresh, receiving a diverse and beautiful box each week throughout the growing season. Come learn about growing and eating locally with us!

We are also committed to making our produce available to everyone. Installment payment plans can be made available on request, email kara@vibrantvalleyfarm.com.


Our Share Options

Choose the right size CSA Share for you, a loved one, or donate one to a member of our community in need. Don't forget to specify which neighborhood drop-off location you'd like to use. 

2017 CSA • Full Share

Full Share Price: $800

Pick-up is every Wednesday
June 7 through October 25*. 22 Weeks!

Fit for up to a group of four, our Full Share arrives weekly at the neighborhood drop-off location of your choice. A season's worth of the freshest produce for a little over $5 a day. 


*Dates subject to change at a later date

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2017 CSA • Half Share

Half Share Price: $475

Pick-up is every other Wednesday
June 7 through October 18.* 11 Weeks!

The same as our Full Share, our Half Share arrives every other week at the neighborhood drop-off location of choice. Click the circle above for more information on pick-up locations.

*Dates subject to change at a later date

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