Our Flowers

We are currently preparing for our seventh season as flower growers. We plan to sell bouquets and wholesale cuts to individuals, restaurants, tasting rooms, florists, event planners and grocery stores.

Our flowers are locally and sustainably grown and we never use pesticides or herbicides. 

We plant many different flowers from statice and acroclinium to mignonette and snapdragons and do so successionally to ensure that there are always flowers to harvest. The flowers come in all sorts of colors, shapes and heights for mixing and matching to build dynamic bouquets.


Special Event Bouquets

Vibrant Valley Farm can help you with your big day, no matter how big your vision might be. We can aide you in the design of custom bouquets and centerpieces for your wedding or other special occasion or we can simply supply you or your florist buckets of locally grown blooms so you can create your own. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Direct wholesale
for florists

We sell gorgeous, sustainably grown, local flowers and botanicals to local florists and designers. If you are interested in setting up an appointment to discuss how Vibrant Valley Farm can help your small business, please, send us an email. We'd love to talk!

Fresh Cut Flowers... at your market 

You can find our fresh cut flowers at New Seasons Market, at most of their Portland-area locations. We deliver most weeks during our season. Ask your NS florist what stems are from Vibrant Valley Farm the next time you are in shopping.