SeaSpell Fiber

Natural dye instructor, Brittany Boles, shares her knowledge of plant colors in workshops around the Pacific NW. She’s passionate about collaborating with local artists and works to connect the community of growers and dyers in her global, open-source forum, Indigo Pigment Extraction Methods. Her dye garden is located at NorthFork 53 Tea Farm in Nehalem where she hosts workshops and community indigo harvests.

WildCraft Studio School

WildCraft Studio School offers workshops for adults (16 & over) in the practices of traditional craft, textiles, Native American arts, foraging, and herbal medicine.

The motivation to combine these practices stems from our belief that resourcefulness, creativity, and a meaningful relationship to place are integral parts of the human experience and deserving of more space in contemporary life.

From their Portland, OR studio -- as well as from the farms, forests, beaches, and deserts that make up our off-site classrooms -- WildCraft strives to awaken creativity and deepen an understanding of place through hands-on experiences in making.